I've Done A Cleanse, Now What?

Friday, August 1st, 2014


This summer at the Juice Bar, we've been selling juice cleanses like they're going out of style. So I thought I'd talk a little bit about what to do after you finish a juice cleanse.
You've done a cleanse, your body is happy and light and you're feeling amazing. How do you continue this into your every day life? What's your plan to keep your body, mind and spirit happy and healthy?This is a good question that I can help you with :) And if you noticed, I said body, mind and spirit.  It's so important to pay attention to what you are feeding each of these parts of you because it's not all about food, it's about your overall well being.
The next 30 days will be the most important because that's the time you will be taking to create new and lasting habits in your life as well as having some of those old lingering ones fade away. Take this time to keep your body, mind and spirit moving towards detoxification and rejuvenation.

I could probably write a mini book on this, but for the purpose of keeping this post light and easy to read I'm just going to give you some basic tips.  If you're interested in talking to me more in depth...don't be shy...I'm always available at the juice bar. Very soon we will be offering a really amazing 30 day well-being package so stayed tuned for that!!

Here's what I would consider to be the most important tips for your body, mind and spirit for the upcoming 30 days:

Start by easing  your way back into solid food, your digestive system has just taken a nice savasana, so you don't want to shock it with lots of food. My suggestion for day one is just smoothies and juice.  Then move forward onto smoothies, juice and salad.  After a couple days of that you can move into more solid foods like steamed veggies, quinoa,  rice, soups etc.  The key is the simpler the better!

You really want to try to continue having a daily juice to keep your body full of enzymes, vitamins and minerals.  It will also help your body to continue the detoxification process.

Smoothies are also a great way to keep your body full of vitamins and minerals. They are easy to digest and are a great way to reintroduce fiber back into your diet after doing a juice cleanse. See my post on my favorite green smoothie recipe here!!

If you want to create a custom package with us for your smoothies and juices come and talk to me in the juice bar!

Try to stay away from meat, dairy, and as much proceeded foods as possible for the first week.  If you want to start adding meats and dairy back into your diet make sure to do it slowly in small portions and that you are eating the highest quality.

As far as processed foods go, try to stay away from them as much as possible. If you must eat pre-packaged foods make wise decisions. Buy foods with the least amount of ingredients, ingredients you can pronounce, pay attention to sugar amounts and try to stay away from high fructose corn syrup at all costs.

Exercise is key for continuing with a healthy lifestyle.  For those of you new to exercising just walking 30 minutes per day is amazing.  You will get your heart rate up, your lymph system working, release all those feel good endorphins and get some fresh air!  Start today...30 days from now you will be amazed!

Yoga is also an amazing form of exercise.  Good for beginners and exercise veterans! It is amazing for your body, it calms your mind and in turn feeds your spirit.  If you've never tried a yoga class stop what you're doing and go!  I must say yoga really did change my life!  Bikram yoga is my fav.  I know a lot of you reading this will agree with me :)  If you've fallen off the yoga wagon, not to worry, grab your mat and meet me in the yoga room :)  Whatever form of exercise you decide on will be amazing.  Set some goals for yourself and go out and kick some butt!!  Remember set attainable goals that you can continue on for the next 30 days and beyond!

Get outside!!  Go for walks in the woods, walk barefoot in your yard.  Get yourself grounded.  Try doing some meditation and deep breathing.  Do whatever it is that makes your spirit sing.  The things that you would rather be doing over everything else!  Turn off your TV, step away from your phone, iPad and computer and connect with friends and family.  These things are so important in living a healthy and happy lifestyle.  If you set a goal for yourself to do something that makes you feel amazing every day for the next 30 days, big or small, I think you just might be amazed by the result!

Doing juice cleanses and trying to live a healthier lifestyle is all about self-love.  If we didn't love ourselves we wouldn't be trying to do such amazing things for our bodies.  So whether you're doing a juice cleanse or have recently done a juice cleanse or are just on your journey to a healthier you, just remember to be easy on yourself, do the things that make you happy. Feed your body with whole foods, smoothies and juices that give it life and energy, and get that body moving!

Here at Nourish Juice Bar, coupled with our partner business, Bikram Yoga White Rock we strive to be a place where you can achieve overall well-being!  We are here for you along your journey.  We want to answer all of your questions and be as involved in this process as you would like us to be.

As always,

Happy Juicing :)




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